The secrets of the Cretan Diet


Explore the unique Cretan Diet and learn how to cook by a local, at home!

Crete is an island famous not only for it’s ancient history, but also for its food. Plenty of studies have shown the beneficial effects of the Cretan Diet (which is a form of the Mediterranean Diet). The local food is characterized by:

▻ a high and daily consumption of locally produced fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and cereals (mostly in the form of fresh or dry bread),
▻ a limited consumption of meat and meat products,
▻ the exclusive use of olive oil as fat,
▻ the absence of heavy spices.

Therefore this type of food is wholesome, yet is easy to prepare and most importantly is to digest. The dishes prepared this way are extremely tasty, provided that you have access to good quality ingredients. Since you will be in Crete, you will have the chance to go to a nearby local market and buy anything you need. After all, everything is local and fresh here, especially if you know where to shop.


Wouldn’t you like to do something good for your body and mind?


Explore and buy the local ingredients at a nearby food market, with a help of a local. You will have the chance to see the wide range of the Cretan products. The ingredients are not only fresh, but also of high quality. Most noteworthy, you have the chance to see the actual producers and even chat with them.


Prepare your food. Buying the ingredients is the first, crucial, step. The second is to learn what to do with them. Different dishes are prepared in each season. Of course you’d like to know how to prepare some famous Greek/Cretan dishes, especially while being a guest in a Greek home.


Cook your food at the ease of your home. You are not a guest, you are a member of the family now!


Enjoy hearty food like a true local! One dish is never enough. We love to have a variety of food on the table, because we love it and you will love it too!



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